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It’s about thinking “as if.” In January, I joined Dating Dummy’s Blog Wide Workout group.I cut out pictures of Jessica Biehl and hung them over my desk on my bulletin board.You’re basically setting yourself up to fail when you focus on what you don’t have or on people that aren’t interested in you.(Remember the other suggestion I made up thread – Learn when to walk away.) The more focus you put on what you are lacking, the more power you give to that idea and the more prevalent it becomes.Every day, I look at those pictures every morning and am reminded of what is possible. I also hung pictures of my ideal guys – Edward Norton and Matthew Rhys.Then, and I can’t believe I’m admitting to this but fuck it, I planned my wedding down to the last detail. But I’m now almost 20 pounds lighter and my sex/love life has taken a positive turn in the last two months.You have to be open to meeting someone at all times, not just in situations designed to encourage socializing. Men aren’t crazy about approaching a group of women. If you and a friend are both burnt on the dating scene, then hang out with someone who is in a relationship or who is married. A fear that we will be hurt or left or abandoned or that we won’t be in control of the situation. I didn’t want to feel that anxiety over whether they’d call or what their lack of response meant. Face the realities head on and become as self-aware as possible.It’s very easy to become closed off, especially living in a big city. You’ll also have to throw away a lot of those silly criteria that we tend to apply to future mates. The fear of rejection is bad enough when contemplating your approach of just one woman. As much as you think that you can hide your frustration or disillusionment when you’re out, you can’t. Sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut and listen. The first refers to people who, when they meet someone new, brag or challenge people instead of saying something truly of value and listening. If you pay close enough attention to what someone says then you’ll have plenty of things to ask. So many times I’ve met men that were really great and I dismissed them. Scared they would find out I wasn’t as together as they were. Scared that they would figure out who I really was. Being over 35 and living in Manhattan (or any other major metropolitan city) is tough.

You have to de-program yourself from thinking negatively.

For 1 person that meets your expectations there are 3-5 that don’t. Definitely take advantage of the stand-bys but add some new ones, too. Singles/social networking events are great but, like online dating, you shouldn’t rely on them to meet new people. Guys in bars are looking for the 25-32 year old gal.

And, if you meet those “ones” online, then it’s very likely that they are someone else’s “one great date” as well due to the whole “kid in a candy store” mentality that online dating encourages. Go to a few, like two or three, then try something different. Again, let that slide a bit, since many singles our age are divorced. Or they’re looking for desperate women who will be easy to get in to bed. Insisting on going for people that you think you deserve but who have no interest in you? There is a reason and it’s more than “I’m just picky” or “I’ve been too busy to date.” I haven’t met one person over the age of 35 who’s still single who wasn’t that way for a serious reason. We aren’t willing to sit back and allow things to unfold at a natural pace.

I’d be inclined to publish highlights but that wouldn’t do this piece its proper justice.

Noted blogger, Moxie, has written a powerful message to women in their late 30’s: take responsibility for your life.

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